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With time and technology progressing, cloud storage has become a very easy and reliable solution and it even created problems for companies, like Big Data management. This has pushed even further the development of services, like Google Drive, that aim to store your files online for free. And since there are a lot of users in Google Drive, there has been a new plugin, created by Lever Technology LLC, called Google Drive Embedder – which aims to implement that great functionality and multi-device availability of Google Drive into WordPress. We have decided to review this useful plugin and show you how exactly it can be of use to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Google Drive Embedder?

Google Drive Embedder provides authors easy accessibility to their Google Drive in a popup box, where they can select different types of files to add directly right into their blog post or web page. Just as conveniently as picking a photo from the WordPress media gallery.

How Does Google Drive Embedder Work?

Documents can be ingrained in-line, using Google’s read-only interactive viewer for your targeted readers to review them. The files can additionally be positioned in your website as web links to open editable data (either in the same or a brand-new internet browser tab), or downloaded and install straight to the computer.

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You will certainly need to establish document sharing settings to guarantee your site audiences have access to watch your docs (e.g. at the very least ‘anybody with the link can watch’ to be visible to all site visitors).

This plugin calls for that you additionally mount the free (or premium/enterprise) version of the popular Google Applications Login plugin.

What Features Does Google Drive Embedder Have?

The Google Drive plugin has been equipped to work with many file types such as PDF, Word DOC, ZIP, Videos, Images etc plus indigenous Google docs (Spread sheet, Drawing, Forms, etc).

Users can chose form the following types of objects when interacting on WordPress with this plugin:

Viewer Links for Files — complete web page Google user and editor.
Download Links for files — straight downloads files to your computer (disabled for native Google file formats).
Document Embedding — shows the majority of documents kinds inline in your blog posts or pages (non-Google documents kinds require sharing setups at least ‘any person with the link can check out’).

Helpful for public internet sites or private intranets (all visitors ought to have the ability to view data as long as sharing settings are ‘anybody with the link can see’ or greater in Google Drive).

Functions on all WordPress setups consisting of multi-site networks.

Please note that to install folders you will certainly need the Premium or Business variation of this plugin.

What Features Does Google Drive Embedder Premium Have?

Here is the list of features which are available with the Premium version:

Features that help finding files:

  • Browse My Drive
  • Recent Documents
  • Starred
  • Shared With Me

Features that help embed folders.
Google Calendars and links (ICAL or XML).
Support for a year time.

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