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Hosting Summary

Name SiteGround
Total Reviews 12814
Average Score 4.8
Phone 1-866-605-2484
Email [email protected]
Address C/ Serrano 1, 5º Alexandria , VA 28001 US, United States
Server Locations flag United States, flag United Kingdom, flag Netherlands, flag Singapore
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Number of Reviews

12.8k+A lot
* 12814 Reviews are used for the creation of the analysis of SiteGround presented here. You can do your own research, but we believe that the article would suffice as a general overview of the services provided by this host.

Avg. Review Score

* SiteGround has an overall 4.8 score across the board, which means it does its job efficiently. People are genuinely content with the offered deals.

Customer Support

* Quick, courteous and useful Support technicians stand behind the brand of SiteGround. They are consistent in resolving issues.

Hosting Plans

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Hosting Information Score

Headquarters Full info
The main Headquarters of SiteGround is located in C/ Serrano 1, 5º Alexandria , VA 28001 US, United States.
They are maintaining their servers within a highly secure data center.
Phone Available
You can dial 1-866-605-2484 to talk with somebody from the e-contact center of SiteGround.

Note! You, yourself should call this number to confirm it is current and so on and so on
Pricing Average
With a good line of values on the board, SiteGround sets good all-rounder estimates for their hosting programs.
Products A LOT
Offering 10 plan assortment, SiteGround can arrange the utmost nicest solutions for you. The choice is yours.



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This review aims to show the clients’ views of SiteGround from truthful hosting resources. Based on these 12814 reviews we have sifted out the non-important detail manually, giving it a 5 stars rating. We are providing you with combined scoring, products, available contacts, Support impressions and pricing into a complete single page for your ease. Hopefully you will find this incredibly useful as we believe it is.

Our Star Rating is optimally objective and precise, as it is based on detailed data for each hosting company.

SiteGround Out test and Overview

SiteGround has become a popular name in the web hosting sphere and also one of the highly-rated names there. The company provides a wide variety of services like web hosting, domain names, and emails.

They are popular with their shared and WordPress managed hosting solutions and the speed which their services provide.

In today’s article, we will take a closer look at SiteGround’s hosting services and what they offer to us. In our SiteGround review, we will preview its speed, support, price, and say our verdict about the SiteGround hosting.

SiteGround Hosting Review image

SiteGround Speed

Getting speed as one of the essential features for website development and also a very vital Google ranking factor we made a few speed tests to see how the SiteGround hosting is going to perform.

For the first test, we used a default 2021 WordPress theme hosted on the SiteGround UK hosting. We measured the speed by using the GTMetrix tool during a period of time.

After that, we took the average result and got the time of 1.2 seconds of a page loading-speed and 99.9% Uptime. That was the result of our first test.

In the second testing, we used a little bit different method and pinged the SiteGroud’s London server using the Pingdom tool.

We get the great result of 8ms. The results from our tests can ensure fast content delivery and fast page-loading speed.

Siteground speed support and price image

SiteGround Support

Problems and issues always pop up in the most inappropriate moment. So, good tech support can save you a lot of time and headaches.

The SiteGround company has 24/7 live support which consists of fast and knowledgeable live chat with has a good problem-solving rating, phone support, and Helpdesk tickets, which are mainly used if you suffer a complex problem.

The hosting company also provides another type of support – Instant Self-help. There you can find a smart AI chatbot, automated solutions, and pinned help on every page.

The average support time in which they respond is 15 min.

Support Interface Usability

SiteGround has а specific contact page and its interface is user-friendly. Even if you don`t have an account, you can contact their sales team 24/7.

Also, My SQL and MS SQL databases are supported in the shared hosting offers.

SiteGround Features

SiteGround features are the main reason for the great performance and speed which they offer. They have invested in the best technology to provide the best user experience. Now let’s see some of their outstanding features.

SiteGround SuperCacher

SiteGround supercacher image

This is a feature specially created for SiteGround. If you are using WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal you can use the feature without any problem.

Another plus is that the SiteGrund SuperCacher is free and it is included in the standard hosting solutions.

SuperCacher main options:

  • Static Cache
  • – The website pages are cached and saved on a different server, which is getting updated once every 24 hours.

  • Memcached
  • – Caching results from database queries in RAM and if the same query is needed, it will be instantaneously taken from the RAM.

  • Dynamic Cache
  • – Cache web pages created from PHP and a database, you need to install a plugin to get this option working.

  • Google PageSpeed
  • – This option is a server level module that makes your site faster, by enabling mod_pagespeed in your Apache server.

    NGINX Direct Delivery

    siteground NGINX direct delivery image

    NGINX Direct Deliver is a method to serve the static content of your website using the try_files functionality of NGINX. It is used to serve static files just like images, CSS, JS, and other files.

    By using this method SiteGround company removes the static content from its servers, which makes them faster, but still finds it and serves it super fast directly from the NGINX, skipping the communication with the Apache webserver, which really optimizes the server speed.

    Next Level Speed Optimization

    To achieve this speed results the company has invested in a lot of different technologies. They have some additional tricks on their plans which optimize the speed even better.

    1. SSD Divers on All Plans
    2. – Whatever hosting solution you are going to use the SSD driver is guaranteed.

    3. Real-time Server Health Checks
    4. – To have full control over their servers SiteGround provides non-stop server checks and detects ongoing issues and fixes many of them automatically. There is a server check in every 0.5 sec.

    5. A Software Stack Optimized for Speed
    6. They run on an in-house implementation of Linux Containers with Apache as a web server and Nginx as a reverse proxy.

      They also provide a custom PHP handling setup further optimized with the OPCache extension. The platform is built to provide an incredibly fast hosting service.

    7. Latest Speed Technology
    8. SiteGround provides innovative protocols like HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, OCSP Stapling, and QUIC and also the newest PHP versions.

    Price Deals by SiteGround Hosting

    SiteGround provides different hosting solutions at different prices. They have Shared Web Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

    The most popular plans of SiteGround have plenty of useful features and benefits.

    Shared Web Hosting (a.k.a. Managed WP / WooCommerce) plans at SiteGround offer:

    • 40 GB Web Space
    • Approximate 100,000 Monthly Visits
    • Unmetered Traffic
    • Free SSL
    • Daily Backup
    • Free CDN
    • Free Email
    • Managed WordPress
    • Unlimited Databases
    • 100% renewable energy match
    • 30-Days Money-Back

    Cloud Hosting Plans feature the following:

    • From 2 – 8 CPU Cores
    • 4 – 10 GB Memory
    • 40 – 120 GB SSD Space
    • 5TB Data Transfer

    SiteGround Customer Opinions

    Trustpilot Customer Opinions:

    Here you can read some of the Trustpilot comments and opinions about SiteGround shared hosting.

    1. User 1

      – Awesome Service
      Have been with Siteground for about a year now. I am a total luddite, but these guys are awesome, helpful, fast, and just brilliant. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for your fantastic service

    2. trustpilot users feedback image

    3. User 2

      – Great help and the system is so fast. You have to take a few days to sort things out when you migrate to Siteground, but you get great and friendly help from people that actually understand what they are saying. The loading time of my website and the speed of my mail have never been this fast. The panel is next level and logical above all. That gives me the comfort I was seeking.

    trustpilot users feedback image

    Quora Users Comments

    Here we will show you some more comments and opinions from the Quora forum.

    1. User 1

      My personal favorite is Siteground, they offered me everything that I required, and that too in my budget.

    2. quora users feedback image

    3. User 2

      Here are the pros: Great reliability with a solid uptime, highly scalable plans, Excellent customer support via live chat, Offers Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL, Automated backups with self-restore, Free site migration for new customers, HTTP/2 enabled in all plans. And the cons: Mixed hosting speed results for some areas, Shared plans offer limited storage, Relatively high renewal prices.
      Verdict; I’d recommend SiteGround if you’re looking for a great managed WordPress hosting option.

    quora users feedback image

    Our Test Conclusion

    After reviewing all the essential aspects of the SiteGroung Hosting, now it’s time to give our verdict and say our final words.

    Without any doubt, we give SiteGround 5 stars and can say that it is perfect in any aspect.

    It provides super-fast servers and amazing loading speed, it has knowledgable and fast-responding support, innovative technologies implemented on their servers and the prices that they offer are affordable.

    We at think SiteGround to be a good choice for Shared web hosting.

    The plans are quite affordable for the functionality of SiteGround.

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