TOP 10 Most Popular Types of Websites You Can Make with WordPress

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An interesting fact about the Internet, that you should know about, is that each minute that passes, over 375 websites are created. This means that while you are reading this paragraph there are almost 50 new websites that have just popped up over the World Wide Web.

TOP 10 Most Popular Types of Websites You Can Make with WordPress article image

For a great number of different websites available, it should be normal to know that they are sorted in different types. Today we at are going to show you the 10 most popular types of websites you can create with WordPress.

1. Blog Websites

Blog websites most often represent an online page which provides information about different topics and posts in a simple and archive format. The content is shown in a chorological way with lots of text and minimal media included.

A blog site is regularly updated and is typically run by one single person. The content of a blog website is mostly personal views of the life of the blogger or part of the hobbies of that person.

2. Business Websites

The business website is an online website which represents your business and the main purpose of this website-type is to advertise one’s business. If you have a small business – learn how to create a website through our helpful articles.

Inside any business website, one should have information about the particular business, location of operations, products offered and everything related that a costumer needs to know. With this type of website, it is important to have some sort of an e-commerce section that presents the services you offer or the physical objects you are selling.

3. E-commerce Websites

An E-commerce website is an online shop which has the sole purpose to directly sell products and services. In this type of website, you can buy things online and pay via a credit/debit cart or through various payment platforms. If you are looking to set up an e-commerce site, follow the link to our article dedicated to that purpose.

You should know that there are plentiful, different options in the e-commerce sites, such as putting your favorite products in a wishlist, putting the products you are going to buy in a cart and much more options depending on how such a site is set. If you are a seller, here are the Best WordPress E-commerce plugins you should have to smooth the experience out for users and potential customers.

An absolute must-read article is our Guide to E-commerce Tracking if you are building such a website. Read it, take notes and execute the ideas written on there to have a successful tracking of sales. In that way, you will have proof, you will follow guidelines and regulations and be on the safe side!

4. Educational Websites

We, at have written a comprehensive guide on how to create an educational site for the ones who want to make one.

The educational websites have very vast coverage and they refer to every type of website created for educational purposes and has content that aims to pass knowledge with lessons, articles, online courses and similar methods. This type of website is usually made to help children and adolescents with their school and college studies, but it is not exclusive to them.

Information and knowledge is always needed in all spheres of life, and you can begin studying and learning at any point. An article showcasing the Best shared hosting for an educational website is available if you need advice on the matter.

5. Brochure Sites

Brochure websites often represent sites with little content, such as only one or a couple of pages to present the general idea behind a business. The main purpose of that kind of website is to give the most important information about your business. Such a site acts like an online version of a business card. Brochure website are mostly used by the hotel industry, guest houses and similar business ventures to advertise their services.

6. Media and Entertainment Sites

A Media website is regularly updatable website which focuses on the current affairs, day-to-day issues, trends, sports, the weather and everything which has happened, is about to happen or going viral.

The content of the media websites is huge and every day they upload a massive number of posts, articles, videos and news surrounding daily life.Entertainment websites are a go-to example of this.

7. Nonprofit Websites

Nonprofit websites are most often portals to an online foundation. It is rather difficult to pinpoint as most websites fit this category to an extent. It is not classified as a business website but it still needs a web domain to function.

Usually nonprofit institutions have an informational web page to describe their work and processes around it. This type of website shows people how they can get involved with different activities, or donate, while the organizers take none of the profits to support different causes.

8. Portal Websites

Portal websites are like a giant homepage with a ton of links made into buttons or bars. This website brings a whole lot of information for a tremendous amount of sources such as news outlets, media sites, weather, sport results and media sites in a very concise manner. News Portal is a plugin that represents a WordPress theme for such websites.

All this information is present in one place, typically on a single page. The best example for portal webiste is Yahoo.

A Portal website is the virtual place where you can share everything and every user can login and receive only specific information that he particularly needs or browse all categories of websites linked within the page. Many use such Portal sites as a home page or a browser start page.

9. Personal Websites

The personal website is a place where you describe yourself, your life, a specific subject that you are invested in. There you can post pictures of yourself and share what you are passionate about. This type of websites looks like a digital CV or a diary for grown-ups. These websites are usually very specific to a person or their hobby or their work.

No rules exist when creating such a website, because it is only meant for you to share something deeply personal about you or present yourself to the World. These sites are unique and fun, usually they have just one or two pages.

10. Portfolio Websites

In the portfolio website you can show your talent if you are musician, writer or any type of artist you can post your works in your portfolio website. You can describe yourself and show what you are capable of or let your agents do it for you if you are a big star.

The portfolio website can help you finding a job if you are freelancer for example. Here is how to create a unique website for an artist if you wish to do so and separate yourself from other artists.

Final Words

These were the Top 10 Most Popular Websites that you can create with WordPress. You can read about more types of websites if you are interested to know what kinds are there. We at hope that this publication was helpful and now you know more about website types, and what to create for your future projects.

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