WordPress Market Share Reaches New High at 40%

wordpress market shareWe are often saying that WordPress is one of the most preferred content management systems today.

WordPress Passes 40% Market Share

Suitable for personal blogs and business websites, WordPress has now passed 40% market share of all websites, up from 35.4% in January last year. The statistics are based on Alexa top 10 million websites and the Tranco top 1 million list. “By W3Techs’ estimates, every two minutes, another top 10m site starts using WordPress,” WPTavern points out.

WordPress ranks even higher among the top 1,000 websites, where its market share is 51.8%. W3Techs shows that the content management system has been growing steadily over the past decade.

How does W3Techs create its statistics and why doesn’t it count all the websites?

Matthias Gelbmann, CEO of W3Techs says that they don’t count all the websites because many of these domains are “unused or used for dubious purposes.” The survey organization wants to “exclude the many millions of parked domains, spam sites, and sites that simply have no real content.” By doing so, the provided data is more useful.

How are other CMSs doing?

It is noteworthy that, in January, Squarespace became the 4th most popular CMS with a 2.5% market share, getting closer to Joomla (3.4%) and Shopify (5.3%). Only 1% sets apart Squarespace from Wix and Drupal, which have a 2.4% market share.

WordPress version 5.7 Beta is ready for testing

Yesterday, we reported that WordPress version 5.7 Beta 2 is already available for testing. The final release should happen on March 9, 2921. WordPress appreciates any help from testers, which will make the final release “as good as it can be.” So, if you want to test WordPress 5.7 Beta 2 don’t hesitate and give it a try. If you discover any issues, you can report them to the Alpha/Beta in the support forums.

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