Reseller Hosting Statistics & Trends for 2024

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is like renting a piece of the internet. You team up with an existing hosting provider, buy their services, and sell them as your own. It’s a cost-effective way for beginners to start an online business without hefty investments.

Reseller Hosting Statistics 2024

Reseller Hosting Usage Statistics

Before we present to you relevant statistics when it comes to reseller hosting, bear in mind that this data was extracted from the overall web hosting statistics for the period 2023-2024 as currently, the data on reseller hosting is with limited capability and accessibility.

With this in mind, here are the most important web hosting statistics information, including Reseller hosting.

By Market Share

As you can see from the figure below, Reseller Hosting obtains approximately 13.6% from the total web hosting market share:

Reseller Hosting Usage Statistics 2024
Figure 1: Hosting Market Share Statistics Source:

By Domain Extension

When we run a comparison on the domains that are most selected and sought after, it appears, that after .com, the .tk domain sees to have most value for customers, surpassing .net:

most bought domains by domain extension
Figure 2: Top domains worldwide. Source: Finance online.

Hosting Market Share By Country

Below, you can see the statistics concerning hosting market share in percentages, based by country. It may appear that Reseller hosting is logically most popular in the United States:

Hosting Market Share By Country
Figure 3: Hosting Market Share by Country Source: (Website Hosting Statistics)

Based on the market share, it seems that the most lucrative countries to do Reseller hosting business in are the United States, Germany, the U.K and France. They seem to have the most developed networks and very good data servers. But also, many people choose to have hosting in these countries due to other factors, for example SEO, geo-location, etc.

By Hosting Providers

Now let us see what the data will show us when we compare the top hosting providers based on the customers and domains they have:

hosting companies, based on domains
Figure 4: Hosting companies, based on domains. Source:

As visible, GoDaddy takes the clear lead when it comes to hosting provides, with well over 50 million domains being sold, followed by Cloudflare which should not surprise. However, we do see that besides the giant corporations Amazon and Google, which are almost on par, some new players have also “entered the ring”, including SiteGround and Hostinger, that have invested in improving and growing immensely the last two decades.

Now we will show you the latest trends when it comes to Reseller Hosting plus what the future predictions for this type of service are likely to occur.

1. Customization and Scalability
Providers are offering more flexibility, tailoring services to clients’ needs as businesses grow.

2. Advanced Security Features
Reseller hosting now integrates SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and real-time malware scanning for enhanced security.

3. Integration with Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence automates tasks like troubleshooting, security monitoring, and customer support, making hosting smarter.

4. Enhanced White Label Solutions
Expect more robust white-label options, allowing resellers to brand hosting services as their own.

5. Managed Hosting Solutions
Managed hosting, akin to a personal concierge for websites, is growing, offering routine maintenance and 24/7 support.

6. Green Hosting Initiatives
Reseller hosting providers are adopting eco-friendly practices, using renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

Future Predictions for Reseller Hosting

1. Market Expansion
As digital businesses surge, the reseller hosting market is poised for significant growth.

2. Green Hosting Solutions
Environmental concerns will drive providers to emphasize green initiatives, including energy-saving practices and introducing new methods to use renewable energy.

3. Growth of Support and Customer Service
AI-driven chatbots will revolutionize customer service, ensuring faster response times.

4. Security Advancements
Expect advanced security measures like real-time threat detection and enhanced SSL offerings.

5. Diversification of Services
Providers will diversify, offering specialized hosting for emerging technologies and tailored solutions for specific industries.


Reseller hosting is your ticket into the dynamic digital future, offering exciting opportunities with evolving trends and innovations. As visible by most trends and statistics, reseller hosting has followed the general rise in popularity along with other web hosting types, which does paint a positive picture for the future years to come after 2024.


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