How to Use NFT Domain? [Free Guide]

In this guide, we will explain to you the different uses of an NFT domain name and then we will show you how to get your NFT domain.

What Are NFT Domains?

NFT Domains are the kind of domains, hosted in web 3.0 and in a decentralized manner. Their main advantage is that they are hosted on the public blockchain, allowing you as their owner to do absolutely everything as they are tied to your cryptocurrency wallet.

The main networks used to host NFT domains are Ethereum and Polygon and they are very stable and decent, even though the technology is still in its baby steps.

As soon as you register NFT domain to your liking, you get to be the only owner of this domain and it is not tied to no company, just you, unlike how it works with traditional web hosting. Once you pay for the domain name, you do not have any extra fees, taxes or restrictions as to what will happen to this domain name.

One of the best pluses of owning an NFT domain is that unlike the normal domain, you can do absolutely everything you want with it, without any restrictions or control from big tech.

The main advantages of using NFT Domains are:

1. They simplify how you work with cryptocurrency addresses.
– Attach your BTC, ETH, LTC and 275+ other cryptocurrencies to your NFT domain.

2. You can use your NFT domain to login.
– A single, easy-to-remember username on the decentralised web.

3. You get to own them for life.

– No renewal fees, ever.

How to Use an NFT Domain?

NFT domains can be used for 3 main purposes:

1. To replace your cryptocurrency address with the domain name you have purchased.
2. To sell it on NFT marketplaces and make a profit.
3. To use it to create a virtual website in Web 3.0.

Other uses of NFT domains that give you more freedom over traditional hosting and domain name ownership include the following ones:

  • Once you register the domain, you are the only owner and as long as nobody has access to your cryptocurrency wallet, nobody can take it from you.
  • These domains are used to make new kinds of websites, hosted in Web 3.0.
  • You can transfer the domain and sell it without asking anyone for permission.
  • The only owner of the domain is the owner of the wallet that minted it.
  • You get to replace the long and boring cryptocurrency wallet address from a random name all the way to anything you want, like “yourwallet.wallet”, making it way easier to send funds and receive such via this wallet for any user and also easy to remember it as well.

Where to Buy NFT Domain?

If you want to get engaged and buy your first NFT domain name, we would suggest following the steps below. The reason for that is because they include the usage of the pioneer service for NFT domain ownership – Unstoppable Domains. It has a lot of benefits, because it is simple to use, has a built-in site builder and minting features and also works with Metamask, which is probably the most widely used cryptocurrency wallet extension out there.

Steps to Get an NFT Domain

Below is the fastest method via which you can purchase an NFT domain and then add it to your wallet:

Step 1: Go over at Unstoppable Domains and set up a new account using Metamask or other supported wallet:

register nft domain step 1

Step 2: Go over at the search bar and type in your desired domain name:

register nft domain step 2

Step 3: Select between the domain names that are available. You can choose cheaper and more expensive ones, which are more desirable:

register nft domain step 3

Step 4: Click on the top-right corner of the screen to complete your purchase:

register nft domain step 4

Step 5: Choose the payment method and finalize your purchase.

register nft domain step 5

Congratulations! Now you know how to own your first NFT domain name. If you want to mint it to your wallet, you can follow the following guide on how to mint an NFT domain. This will make your wallet the one and only owner of the domain.

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