How To Make Money by Reselling Web Hosting? [2024 Guide]

Are you interested in reseller hosting? Read this guide! It contains all of the information you need if you want to make money by reselling web hosting.

How To Make Money by Reselling Web Hosting?

What Is Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting stands as an accessible business model allowing individuals or enterprises to procure hosting resources from a provider and subsequently resell them to their client base.

This parallels the concept of renting an apartment and subletting individual rooms. In the digital landscape, reseller hosting offers a pathway for entrepreneurs to establish hosting businesses with modest upfront costs and minimal technical complexities.

Steps to Engage in Reselling Web Hosting

Below, we have selected the primary steps that it takes in order to begin your web hosting reseller operation and make money doing it.

Step 1: Selecting a Reseller Hosting Partner

Step 1: Selecting a Reseller Hosting Partner How To Make Money by Reselling Web Hosting?The initial and pivotal phase in reselling web hosting involves the meticulous selection of a trustworthy partner. Instead of hastily acquiring server space, thoughtful consideration is given to the business’s nature.

Here are some of the most reliable hosting providers offering Reseller web hosting:

  1. SiteGround – Best for resellers and WordPress.
  2. ScalaHosting – Best for Reseller VPS Hosting.
  3. HostArmada Best for reseller Cloud.
  4. HostPapa Best for reseller hosting and small businesses.
  5. Stablepoint Best for cPanel reseller hosting.
  6. ChemiCloud Best for robust reseller hosting.

Factors such as operating systems, hardware specifications, and supplementary perks are aligned with business goals.

A careful comparison of reseller hosting providers based on reviews and ratings aids in finding a plan tailored to specific criteria and budget.

Step 2: Crafting Your Hosting Services

Step 2: Crafting Your Hosting Services How To Make Money by Reselling Web Hosting?

Following the establishment of a partnership with a reseller hosting provider, the focus shifts to crafting hosting services.

The needs of potential customers (web hosting control panel, CMS, resources, etc.) are considered, and hosting plans are created to address those needs.

For Linux reseller hosting, commonly, cPanel and WHM are employed to oversee services. Configuration of WHM settings, creation of hosting plans, and branding customization of the cPanel interface follow.

Step 3: Pricing and Billing System Configuration

Step 3: Pricing and Billing System Configuration How To Make Money by Reselling Web Hosting?

Setting the right pricing strategy is pivotal for a successful reseller hosting venture. Understanding the target audience, costs, and revenue goals is essential.

Automation of the billing system using tools like WHMCS, often bundled with reseller hosting packages, streamlines client management, invoicing, and customer service, allowing for dedicated attention to business growth.

Step 4: Customer Support

Step 4: Customer Support How To Make Money by Reselling Web Hosting?

Outstanding customer support is indispensable for customer retention and satisfaction. Tools provided by the hosting partner, such as WHMCS’s support features, can be leveraged.

Automating processes for payment handling, provisioning, and client communication enhances operational efficiency. Additional customer support tools for live chat, phone messages, or screen sharing may be considered.

Making Money by Reselling Hosting

Understanding Your Customer’s Needs:

Tailoring hosting plans to meet the specific needs of the target audience is crucial. Considerations include website size, expected traffic, and technical requirements.

Investing in Marketing:

Effectively utilize social media and SEO strategies to promote the reseller hosting business. Engaging with existing customers and encouraging their online growth can lead to business expansion.

Staying Informed:

Remaining abreast of industry trends and technologies is imperative. Regularly updating hosting plans and services ensures competitiveness in the market.


Reselling web hosting offers entrepreneurs a low-risk entry into the hosting industry. By selecting a reliable hosting partner, constructing tailored hosting services, setting competitive prices, and delivering exceptional customer support, resellers can establish and grow a profitable business.

The approach not only provides a recurring revenue source but also serves as a platform for venturing into new markets and building brand trust.

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